Medical Devices

Drug Compounding

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Is your product line innovation lacking? Strukmyer can help facilitate conversations to power your future product line development. Our extensive experience in research and development can lead you into new markets in a cost-effective manner.

Cleanroom Assembly

strukmyer clean room

Modern medical products require specialized conditions that maintain the cleanliness of the manufacturing and packaging process. We ensure the ideal environment through the maintenance of a facility that meets the requirements of a Class 8 Certified clean room or above. Products that require a pristine environment are manufactured and packaged within the clean room. Our clean rooms maintain a low level of particulate by the use of a sealed environment with constantly filtered air by HEPA filtration.

Sterile And Non-Sterile Packaging

strukmyer assembling

Sterile dressings are indicated to help reduce the risk of infection in partial and full-thickness wounds. Available as sponges, impregnated woven gauzes, film dressings, absorptive products, island dressings, nylon fabric, non-adherent barriers, or a combination of materials. The ability to handle exudate depends on the characteristics and composition of the product.

Customized Pouching And Packaging

heat sealing

Strukmyer has kept pace by expanding its pouching and packaging capabilities in order to accommodate one-stop supplier needs. Disposable medical devices are custom pouched and packaged only after a certified Quality Assurance release. Strukmyer can also assist in the proper selection of containers and cartons from their qualified suppliers.

Medical Die-Cutting

strukmyer die cutting

Strukmyer manufactures custom die-cut components for the medical device industry. Our capabilities include:

  • Rotary and Flat Bed Die Cutting
  • Metal to Metal Sheeting and Die Cutting
  • Tight Tolerance Die Cutting and Slitting

Slitting And Cutting

strukmyer slitting

From master rolls of material up to 62″ wide down to tight tolerance widths smaller than .062″, Strukmyer has the ability to slit the most challenging materials.


strukmyer converting

Strukmyer is a medical converter providing flexible materials converting and advanced assembly for medical devices. We produce packaged medical consumable products for distribution, hospital, clinical and consumer use.

Pharma Compounding​

strukmyer pharma

As a leader in the medical device industry, Strukmyer offers sterile and non-sterile compounding services with dedicated cleanrooms – both positive and negative pressure. Strukmyer is registered with the FDA and DEA as a 503b outsourcing facility.


Strukmyer printing

Strukmyer offers a wide range of printing capabilities to suit your custom product manufacturing, labeling, and packaging needs.

  • Inline and offline printing
  • Multi-color printing
  • Corona Treating for increased adhesion.

Liquid Filling / Compounding

Strukmyer filling

Strukmyer has significant in-house capabilities around compounding and filling liquid products. From creams and lotions to tubes and bottles of all sizes, we have the equipment in place. With experienced compounders and chemists, we offer competitive lead times. All filling is done in a class 8 clean room.